CaRMS Online browser support

Updated June 7, 2016

CaRMS is updating our browser support model for CaRMS Online to improve our services for our clients. The change will be implemented in two phases in order to give CaRMS Online users time to make any necessary adjustments to their IT infrastructure.

For the 2017 match year, CaRMS will no longer support the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 8, 9 and 10 for applicant users of CaRMS Online. We will also be ceasing support of IE 8 for all other CaRMS Online users.

Looking ahead to the 2018 match year, we plan to remove support for IE 9 and 10 for program and undergraduate users, as well as for the program directory.

We will continue to support the most recent versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. These three browsers update automatically or push update notifications to users so no manual updating is required.

CaRMS’ new Internet Explorer (IE) browser support model

2017 match year

2018 match year (proposed)

Supported IE version(s) Supported IE version(s)
Program users 9, 10, 11 11
File review users 9, 10, 11 9, 10, 11
Applicant users 11 11
Undergraduate users 9, 10, 11 11
Referee users 9, 10, 11 11
Program directory 9, 10, 11 11

Browsers older than IE 11 are no longer supported by Microsoft and could have vulnerabilities that would compromise data security.

Why are we making this change?

The security of the sensitive information stored in CaRMS Online is paramount. This change will help ensure the data in our system is protected.

Older versions of IE are no longer able to deal with the complexities of today’s modern Internet. Removing support for old browsers allows CaRMS to focus on improvements to CaRMS Online using modern browser technologies that enrich the experience of our users.

What do we mean “supported browsers”?

If a browser is “supported” it means we test all system functionality in that browser and fix any issues we find. We will not block users from using unsupported browsers, but we may not be able to fix problems users encounter when accessing CaRMS Online on an unsupported browser.

What does this mean for CaRMS Online users?

If you can, upgrade to one of the supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox , Safari, or IE 11). We recommend Chrome for the best user experience.

If you work in an institutional environment, we encourage you to share this information with your IT team.

Users will still be able to access CaRMS Online on unsupported browsers, but we may be unable to resolve any issues found to occur exclusively in unsupported versions of IE. However, because our first priority is always our clients, we will continue to work with users to ensure access to critical features.

Why are different browsers supported for different user groups?

We’ve analyzed the browsers our various client groups use to access CaRMS Online, and we’ve found that certain groups have limited access or ability to upgrade to more modern browsers. We’ve tailored our support model to take these limitations into account.

Have a concern with any of these upcoming changes?

Contact us at so we can work with you to make sure you can continue to access CaRMS Online in a way that works for you.