CaRMS is a not-for-profit, fee-for-service organization. All CaRMS fees are listed in Canadian dollars and are subject to applicable taxes based on province of residence. Fees must be paid using VISA or MasterCard within CaRMS Online. For tax purposes, CaRMS’ GST number is 125712174 RT.

Please note that because CaRMS provides an application service and not actual educational services, it does not meet the eligibility requirements to be certified as a private education institution and is therefore unable to provide official tax receipts.

The table below provides a summary of CaRMS fees for all matches. All fees are listed in Canadian dollars and are subject to applicable taxes. Please review all information and make note of our refund policy.

Match participation fee All applicants who wish to register in a CaRMS match are required to pay a participation fee. Participation fees vary by match type.

R-1 Main Residency Match* $315.04
Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine Match $202.00
Medicine Subspecialty Match $202.00
Pediatric Subspecialty Match $202.00
*R-1 match participation fee includes application to nine programs.
Program application fee Applicants are required to pay $30.50 plus applicable taxes for each individual program to which they apply. Please note that the R-1 match participation fee includes application to nine programs; any additional programs are subject to a fee of $30.50 each. There is no minimum number of programs to which applicants must apply. This fee must be paid prior to applying by VISA or MasterCard. $30.50
Verification fee Applicants will be charged a fee of $110.25, plus applicable taxes, for verification of credentials at the time of registration. This payment must be made by VISA or MasterCard. Neither current year Canadian graduates, nor applicants who have participated in a previous CaRMS match, are required to pay this fee. $110.25
Document return fee Upon request, you may have all eligible hardcopy documents you provided to CaRMS returned to you.

Documents will be returned to the address provided during registration, unless otherwise indicated. We will only return eligible documents if the medical school to which you were matched does not request the documents for their files. Please note that we do not return documents that were created online or uploaded, or those provided by a third party source (i.e., a referee or university).

Registration and application data and documents not returned to applicants will be retained by CaRMS according to the personal information retention guidelines outlined in our privacy policy.

To request document return, email documents@carms.ca. Returns will be processed within one to three months.


$30.00 (Canada)
$56.00 (United States)
$121.50 (International)
Translation service fee

Letter of reference

Medical School Performance Record (MSPR)


Translation requests are subject to a flat fee per document, based on average document length.

Payment will be requested once the translated document has been uploaded to your CaRMS Online account.

Please note that we do not offer translation of other document types, nor documents in languages other than English and French. This service is only available to applicants submitting bilingual applications.

Administrative fee Services requested outside CaRMS’ regular match services will be charged an administrative fee of $55.00* plus applicable taxes. The administrative fee is a fee charged for any service provided by CaRMS that is beyond our regular services and their associated fees.Examples include:

  • Application and/or document transfers to an institution outside of the match process
  • Requests for the creation of records after file review

Note: The administrative fee is a per-instance fee. For example, if an applicant requests that a document be transferred to three third party institutions, they will be charged the administrative fee three times, once for each transfer.

*The administrative fee is determined by the complexity of the request. $55.00 is the minimum amount that will be charged.

Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) handling fee CaRMS acts as the Dean’s office for Canadian medical students and graduates (i.e., students studying in Canada and graduates of Canadian medical schools) applying to positions through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) in the United States. Applicants wishing to participate in the US match must register with CaRMS and pay the ERAS application fee of $280.50 plus applicable taxes. This payment must be made by VISA or MasterCard. $284.50