Dr. Kaylynn Purdy is a PGY1 Adult Neurology Resident at the University of Alberta and received her MD degree in 2018 from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She has experience in governance and has served two terms on the Board of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, most recently as the 2017-2018 VP Medical Education. She is a leading expert in Canadian medical education, serving on numerus AFMC, Royal College and CaRMS committees and working groups. She has also been involved in international medical education, liaising with the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA) on a myriad of education initiatives, namely co-authoring the IFMSA Social Accountability Toolkit and supporting medical students in other countries in their efforts to improve their medical education standards. She comes with immense research experience, helping build-up the CFMS’ research program alongside her own academic research endeavours. Finally, Dr. Purdy has been a tireless advocate for medical students, championing stronger career advising programs for medical students, increased supports, mentorship, and solutions for unmatched medical students, and building local capacity for medical students to improve their own education.

Dr. Purdy is also an avid cyclist and skier and enjoys spending time with her family at their cabin in the Columbia Valley, or in the mountains surrounding her hometown of Sparwood, BC.

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