Dr. Tom McLaughlin is a hospitalist general pediatrician at BC Children’s Hospital. He completed medical school and residency at the University of Toronto, and is completing a Masters in Public Policy degree focused in health policy, part-time at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Although his professional training is in pediatrics and public policy, his passion is in medical education and health advocacy.  As a medical student, he led the Canadian Federation of Medical Students’ advocacy efforts for the federal government to support training in rural rotations.   He became interested in health human resources, which led to becoming involved in many HHR and match-related topics, including the Royal College’s Health Policy Committee, Resident Doctors of Canada’s HHR Task Force, and the AFMC Resident Matching Committee.  He has developed expertise in board and organizational governance.  As a board chair, treasurer, and subsequently President of Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC), he revamped the budget, created the first ever board training program for RDoC’s directors, led the Human Resources and Audit committees, and took the organization through the hiring of a new CEO.  He also served as a physician on the Canadian Medical Association board of directors, and served on hospital, regional, and provincial groups.

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