The data in this analysis is based on information applicants entered into their R-1 applications regarding full and part-time clinical electives they had taken (or were scheduled to take) during their undergraduate medical education.

Validation of whether an applicant has taken an elective in their matched discipline or whether a program has ranked an applicant with an elective in the program discipline takes into account commonly acknowledged discipline groupings . For example, if a CMG matched to Neurology – Pediatric (NEUROL-PED) and took an elective in Neurology (NEUROL) that would qualify them as having taken an elective in their matched discipline.

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Matched Discipline / Program Discipline Qualifying Elective
Anesthesiology - Clinician Investigator Program (ANESTH-CIP) Anesthesiology (ANESTH)
Family Medicine integrated Care of the Elderly (FM-ELDERLY) Family Medicine (FAM MED)
Family Medicine integrated Emergency Medicine (FAM-MED EMERG) Family Medicine (FAM MED)
Neurology - Pediatric (NEUROL-PED) Neurology (NEUROL)
Pediatrics - Clinician Investigator Program (PEDS-CIP) Pediatrics (PEDS)
Pediatrics - MD-PHD stream (PEDS-MDPHD) Pediatrics (PEDS)
Public Health and Preventive Medicine including Family Medicine (PHPM/FM) Public Health and Preventive Medicine (PHPM)
Plastic Surgery - Clinician Investigator Program (PLASTIC-CIP) Plastic Surgery (PLASTIC-SURG)
Plastic Surgery - Research Track (PLASTIC-RESEARCH) Plastic Surgery (PLASTIC-SURG)
Psychiatry - Research Track (PSYCH-RESEARCH) Psychiatry (PSYCH)