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CaRMS Forum at the 2016 Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME)

By: John Gallinger, Chief Executive Officer | May 26, 2016

In my inaugural year as CEO with CaRMS, there have been many firsts. Most recently, I had the experience of attending my first CCME in Montreal. I hadn’t spent much time in Montreal and had a wonderful introduction with my tour guide, CaRMS’ new Chief Services Officer Stephen Riby, as we explored the city on our bikes. After that Thursday afternoon we got down to business. Over the next three days I and the CaRMS team attended a variety of meetings with clients and stakeholders. We listened, shared data and perspectives, learned a great deal and generally had a chance to connect (and reconnect) with members of the Canadian medical education community—faculty, learners and members of our partner organizations. These meetings are critical to our Voice of the Client program as well as a key driver of our continuous improvement efforts. There are specific initiatives we will be working on with our partners in the coming months, all targeted at making an already effective system even stronger.

A highlight of course was the opportunity to host the CaRMS Forum Sunday morning. As I was told to expect, there was certainly a great deal of interest as we shared the results of the 2016 R-1 match from a variety of perspectives. This year, we wanted to broaden the focus and use the opportunity to engage the attendees in dialogue on issues we all care about. We heard great conversations and some debate from attendees on many issues, including the influences on applicant interest in various disciplines, and the critical issue of unmatched Canadian graduates. Participants brought perspectives from various jurisdictions and areas of expertise. The dialogue helped to add valuable meaning to the data and analytics. As we all know, feedback is the breakfast of champions, and we were pleased to hear a positive response on the usefulness of the presentations and we are thankful for the valuable suggestions we received on ways to improve. We do love to hear from you. Please use to send us your thoughts at any time.

CCME was one more experience that reinforced how much I enjoy my role and being part of the Canadian medical education community. The people are dedicated, passionate and innovative. And importantly, there is a desire to continuously improve and to do it together. That makes me excited for the years to come.