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By: Ashley McKiver, Manager of Compliance and Operational Services | September 10, 2015

At CaRMS, we are always looking at ways we can work with our partners and stakeholders to add value to the medical education community. Our ongoing collaboration with the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), which focused on simplifying the transfer of applicant documents and data, is an initiative of which we are particularly proud. The initial concept for this project came as we looked for alternatives to the laborious manual process of exchanging exam data and documents between our two organizations—including the need to double check every entry and upload to ensure 100 per cent accuracy. To say the implementation of this project has saved us hundreds of hours of staff time is not an overstatement.

In the fall of 2014, we rolled out the first of this project’s two phases: new functionality enabling applicants to transfer examination results in real-time from to their CaRMS Online application. With the launch of the second phase of this project in July, applicants are now able to transfer examination documents, diplomas and medical school transcripts using the transfer function. In addition, while this service was previously only available for the R-1 Main Residency Match, it has now been made available for all of our matches.

Now that this direct transfer is in place, it is the only way we accept MCC examination data and documents. Applicants can say goodbye to the hassle of mailing hardcopy documentation—in fact, original hardcopies of any of these documents are no longer accepted.

Transferring MCC examination data and documents to CaRMS has never been easier. After logging in to their CaRMS Online application, applicants simply go to the transfers section, where they will be presented with a custom sharing page that will list the documents and information they have available to share with CaRMS. Although the applicant may have more documents available in their account, only the documents and information listed on this page are available for transfer to CaRMS. Transfers of existing documents and data are completed within one business day—at which point applicants can check one more item off their to-do lists.

For more details on how to use CaRMS Online’s transfer, visit our website.