2013 organizational review

The Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) is a not-for-profit organization providing an electronic application and matching service for postgraduate training throughout Canada. The 2013 organizational review was conducted to assess and validate the organization in terms of its leadership, processes, mission, roadmap (and success), strategic, supporting and operational plans, as well as resource capacities and sustainability.

A letter from Tom Marrie, Chair of the 2013 CaRMS Board of Directors

As Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS), it gives me great pleasure to present the attached organizational review final report that was presented to our Board and passed unanimously on September 11, 2013.

The report was conducted by an independent consultant with demonstrated expertise in organizational design and reviews such as this one. The review was based on extensive consultation with our stakeholder community and clients, as well as unfettered access to all staff and internal resources and documentation. The mandate of the review was to assess the organization in terms of leadership, processes, mission, roadmap and successes, strategic and operational planning, as well as resources and sustainability.

As you will see, the report contains seven recommendations accompanied by a set of implementation strategies. Each recommendation represents an opportunity for CaRMS to improve, enhance, or solidify in a specific area. From external consultation to succession planning, the report’s recommendations and implementation strategies provide insight into how CaRMS can maintain its trajectory and move into the next phase of its development with confidence that it will remain a unique and vital contributor to medical education in Canada.

I believe that this was an invaluable process for CaRMS. We have been given the opportunity, as a Board, to stop for a moment in time and reflect on the organization, its strengths, opportunities for improvements, and to think about the future. I am reassured by the report’s assessment that the organization, as a whole, is very healthy. It has an exceptional staff, a solid technological infrastructure, and adequate resources to take on the challenges of the future. Perhaps most importantly, CaRMS has an organizational culture that emphasizes its service role – there is a keen desire, on the part of all who work there, to make a positive contribution and be of real assistance to those they serve.

I know that the senior management at CaRMS are enthusiastic and committed to implementing the recommendations contained in this report, and I look forward to watching CaRMS continue to work with its stakeholders, clients and partners to provide the essential services it provides to residents – a transparent, fair match into residency programs in Canada.


Tom Marrie signature

Tom Marrie, MD
Chair, CaRMS Board of Directors