Strategic objectives

Strategic objective 1:
Client and stakeholder relations

We will communicate with our clients and stakeholders in a timely, effective and transparent fashion in order to foster strong collaborative relationships where CaRMS is viewed as a valuable partner in medical education.

Strategic objective 2:
Risk management and financial sustainability

We will expand our services and diversify our revenue sources in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of CaRMS while continuing to respect the need to make financially responsible decisions relating to our operations, services, reserves, assets and investments.

Strategic objective 3:
Internal and external organizational transparency

We will ensure that (a) staff, board members, stakeholders, and other relevant individuals or groups are aware of how, when and why major decisions are made, and (b) all appropriate individuals are appropriately consulted prior to, and after major decisions are made.

Strategic objective 4:
Research and informing policy

We will work with partners to develop a research agenda that identifies promising areas of research using CaRMS’ data. This will be supported through grants, external funding, or other mechanisms. The products of this research will inform public policy in health systems and physician human resource planning.

Strategic objective 5:
Governance and leadership

We will have a well-oriented, highly engaged board with the required skills to lead an organization with a strong governance structure, as well as clear, explicit, and transparent policies.

Strategic objective 6:
Organizational excellence

We will recognize, encourage and reward excellence and efficiency throughout the organization in order to ensure our ability to deliver our services in the most cost-efficient and client-focused manner possible.