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Fall 2016


Message from the CEO

Welcome to the new Match Point 

It’s a whole new Match Point—find out what’s new in this edition, as well as exciting news from CEO John Gallinger about two new additions to the CaRMS team.


Update from the Chair of the Board of Directors

Find out what’s new

Get the latest from the CaRMS Board. Find out about our new incoming Chair as Dr. Henry’s term comes to an end, learn about our two new member organizations, and see how we’re encouraging young leaders.

Thinking woman looking up on many question signs above head

Match tips from the Student Affairs team at UBC

Find out the “bread and butter” of your chosen specialty 

Expert career planning advice straight from the University of British Columbia Student Affairs team. For example, do you know the “bread and butter” of your chosen specialty?

The match can’t stop—so neither can CaRMS

How we’re preparing for a people, process or technology crisis

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how CaRMS is preparing for a possible people, process or technology crisis. (Spoiler: we’re ready for anything)


Check out R-1 match trends

Multi-year data shows the full picture 

Our match reports contain a lot of information, and we know that sometimes putting it all in context can be challenging. Our new R-1 Main Residency Match trend charts can help you see the big picture with multi-year comparative data.


How we’re working with our stakeholders to benefit learners

A new era of collaboration and engagement 

We’re proud to be a trusted partner in the medical education community. Find out about our latest collaborations to help improve the match process for medical learners.


Three ways you can get the latest from CaRMS

Make sure you’re not missing out!

Why should you follow CaRMS on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? Find out how to get the most out of your match year.

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Eight ways we’ve improved the CaRMS Online experience

Enhancements based on user feedback 

Are you an applicant in a CaRMS match? Referee? Program or postgraduate office user? File reviewer or interviewer? If you answered yes to any one of these, see how we’re turning your feedback into a better CaRMS Online experience.

Files transfer.

Simplifying the application process

Giving you control over your documents 

We’re saving CaRMS match applicants time and stress by giving them more control over their application documents.


What’s it like to work at CaRMS?

We sat down with Yogesh Sagar, a Senior Applications Developer at CaRMS to find out 

If you’ve been through a CaRMS match, you know CaRMS Online. Now meet Yogesh, one of our Senior Application Developers responsible for building and maintaining it.