The match can’t stop – so neither can CaRMS

How we’re preparing for a people, process or technology crisis

The services CaRMS provides are an important part of the continuum of medical education in Canada. We know the match can’t stop—so we’re putting solutions in place to ensure it never does.

Our area of expertise is the match, so when it came to building our crisis preparedness plans we knew we needed to tap into established expertise in another area—business continuity. That’s why we hired an expert to develop and implement a business continuity program for CaRMS.

Business continuity planning is an all-encompassing term which includes the development and timely execution of plans and procedures to ensure minimal interruption to the availability of critical services when faced with a people, process or technology crisis.

With the guidance of an expert in the industry, we completed a business impact assessment to determine the business continuity and recovery requirements for all CaRMS services and supporting IT systems. This analysis is the foundation for CaRMS’ resulting business continuity plan—a customized set of processes and procedures for responding to a disaster, ensuring continuity of our services with minimal interruptions.

What does this mean for our clients? It means we’re prepared. It means we’re implementing the solutions and industry best practices to ensure that you will have access to CaRMS’ services when you need them, no matter what.