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Research and data services

CaRMS’ research and data services provide the medical community with the information necessary to make informed decisions about medical education in Canada. By enabling the identification of trends and facilitating the sharing of data, we are contributing to thoughtful, evidence-based health human resources planning and policy development.

CaRMS is the custodian of comprehensive data on four residency matches in Canada. Collected on an annual basis since 1972, this data provides aggregate statistics on match trends and results. It is organized into published reports made accessible to our stakeholders and the public through our website.

CaRMS also supports and enhances the Canadian medical education system through regular research collaboration with universities and other medical and governmental organizations. We are also pleased to accommodate data requests from stakeholders in the medical education community and other interested parties.

To learn more about CaRMS’ research and data services, visit the DATA AND REPORTS page on our website.