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Canadian medical graduates and US allopathic medical graduates

Canadian medical graduate (CMG)
FAQs for Canadian medical graduates and US allopathic medical graduates. Read more »

International medical graduates and US osteopathic medical graduates

International medical graduate (IMG)
FAQs for international medical graduates and US osteopathic medical graduates. Read more »


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Undergraduate office

Undergraduate office
FAQs for undergraduate office users. Read more »

Postgraduate office

Postgraduate office (deans and managers)
FAQs for postgraduate office users (deans and managers). Read more »

Program directors and administrators

Program directors and administrators
FAQs for program directors and administrators. Read more »

File reviewers/interviewers

File reviewers/interviewers
FAQs for file reviewers and interviewers. Read more »

Referee/reference providers

Referee/reference providers
FAQs for referees and reference providers. Read more »