Canadian faculty of medicine match fee calculation

As a not-for-profit, fee-for-service organization, CaRMS has calculated the fees associated with its matching services according to a policy which was passed by the CaRMS Board of Directors in 2003, and further re-affirmed in 2011. According to this policy, Canadian applicants and Canadian faculties of medicine equally share the costs associated with participating in any of our matches.

For example, to calculate the fees related to the R-1 match, the number of current year Canadian graduates is multiplied by the basic registration fee. This amount is then matched by Canadian faculties of medicine.

As opposed to simply dividing this number by 17, CaRMS uses an algorithm that reflects the actual activity and costs associated with the activity level of each faculty. This ensures fairness by calibrating fees to the real costs generated by each faculty; smaller faculties pay less than larger ones. 

A hypothetical R-1 Main Residency Match fee calculation

Per graduate fee


($25/graduate) $25x
Administration fee

Single fee per faculty $1,000
Per program fee


($298/program) $298y
Subtotal $(25x + 1,000 + 298y)

x = # of graduates
y = # of participating programs

The subtotal is added to a variable activity fee (z) based on the size of the current graduating class as well as the number of postgraduate programs offered in previous years, their quota and number of applications.

$TOTAL = $(25x + $1,000 + 298y + z)