MCC examination data and documents, including the NAC, are only accepted as transfers from You may also transfer your medical school transcript and diploma if they are stored in In order to share and transfer your documents and information with CaRMS, you must first log in to your CaRMS Online account. From CaRMS Online, go to the transfers section under My information and follow the instructions on that page to connect to your account. When connected, you will be presented with a custom sharing page with a list of documents and information that are available for sharing with CaRMS. Any documents that are not listed on this custom sharing page are not available for transfer to CaRMS. Although you may have more documents available in your external account, we are unable to accept them.

Note: Documents will be transferred within one business day. Once you have shared your documents and examination data, you do not need to create a coversheet or send the original/hardcopy to CaRMS. Originals are not accepted and will be returned at your expense.

Examination data must be transferred annually, to ensure you have the most up-to-date data in your application. However, if your documents are already in the CaRMS system, you do not need to request your documents again through, unless you would like an updated version transferred.