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Couples ranking for applicants

After your interviews, you must determine the order of preference for the programs you have applied to by ranking them from most preferred to least preferred. Programs also rank their desired applicants in order of preference. These lists are called rank order lists (ROLs) and they are the only true determinants of a match outcome.

CaRMS’ ranking tools allow two applicants (partners) to prepare and submit their rank order lists as a couple. Using this option, each program desired by one partner can be paired with a program desired by the other partner, and each of these pairings can be ranked separately. An option is provided for the couple to create and rank pairs of choices in which only one partner may be matched, with the other partner left unmatched.

Submitting an individual rank order list

If during the ranking process you decide to no longer participate in the match as part of a couple, you may change your status, provided you do so before the rank order list deadline found in the applicant timeline.

Important reminders and tips

When creating your rank order list, be sure to consider the following:

  • Do not rank any programs at which you are not willing to train. Listing a residency program on your submitted rank order list establishes a binding commitment to accept an appointment if a match results. Failure to honour this commitment will be a breach of this agreement and may result in the penalties described in the applicant contract.
  • Match results are binding. This means you must accept any program that you are matched with.
  • Carefully evaluate all the programs you have applied to and rank them according to your preferred discipline(s) and location(s); do not rank programs you are no longer interested in.
  • Base ranking selections on your own preferences and not how you think a program will rank you.
  • Rank order lists are the decision makers in the match – any conversations with programs with regard to mutual interest are not official, or binding, and should not affect your decisions.
  • CaRMS will not accept transmission difficulties as a reason to extend the ROL deadline. The deadline date and time is final.
  • Both partners must enter their side of the rank order list into their individual account.
  • Both partners must submit the same number of ranks.