Gross annual PGY-1 salary $55,073 Gross annual PGY-2 salary $61,066
Gross annual PGY-3 salary $65,849 Gross annual PGY-4 salary $70,637
Gross annual PGY-5 salary $76,624 Gross annual PGY-6 salary $81,411
Gross annual PGY-7 salary $88,037 Gross annual PGY-8 salary $95,207
Educational leave 5 days paid leave Annual vacation 4 weeks/yr
Call Stipends weekday in-house – $118.02

weekend in-house / holiday – $178.72

weekday home call – $59.01

weekend home call / holiday – $89.35

Frequency of calls In-house call: 7/28. 2/4 weekend call.
Home call: 9/28. 2/4 weekend call.**A Resident scheduled on Home call but who is required to work more than four hours in hospital during the call period, of which more than one full hour is past 12:00 a.m. and before 6:00 a.m., shall be remunerated at the rate for In-House call.

$100 per day for each scheduled weekend day of patient rounds when not on-call

Practice Stipend $2,000 Extended health insurance 75% premium paid
$1000 per year Flexible Spending Account*
Provincial dues (% of salary) .95% Dental plan 75% premium paid
CMPA dues paid No. Required & tax deductible Life insurance 100% towards $150,000 coverage
Life Support Course Costs
(Program Approved)
100% paid Long-term disability insurance 100% paid for 75% gross income
Statutory holidays Paid days. Additional days off are given if resident works the day before and part of a named holiday. Parental Leave 2 weeks leave with full pay and benefits; 52 weeks (inclusive of Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leaves) – unpaid leave
Sick leave Up to 3 months or to end contract paid leave, whichever occurs first Maternity Leave 18 weeks total (17 weeks paid to match 90% of salary when combined with EI)

*Terms of Agreement July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2015 –