Gross annual PGY-1 salary $57, 187 Gross annual PGY-2 salary $64,105
Gross annual PGY-3 salary $68,763 Gross annual PGY-4 salary $74,053
Gross annual PGY-5 salary $79,343 Gross annual PGY-6 salary $84,634
Gross annual PGY-7 salary $89,819 Gross annual PGY-8 salary $96,833
Educational leave Yes Annual vacation 4 weeks
Frequency of call 1 in 4** – In Hospital

1 in 3 – Home Call

Call Stipend $154.52 in-hospital weekday
$244.76 weekend or holiday*Home call
weekday $62.21
weekend $90.75
Maternity leave 17 weeks max Provincial health insurance Yes
Provincial dues (% of salary) 1.05% of salary Extended health insurance Available
CMPA dues paid Partial Dental plan $3.99/month
Statutory and floating holidays paid days Long-term Disability Income $3500 or $4000 per month compulsory, employee pays the premium, non taxable benefit
Life insurance $130,000 compulsory, employee pays the premium.  Plan is run on a non-for-profit basis, where members can receive refunds based on the group experience Sick leave 30 days/year

Updated August 9, 2017

** 1:4 call averaged over 4 week period. Exception: 1:4 for vascular, MICU, SICU, general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery (all call over 1:4 is paid). 1:3 weekend off.

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