Gross annual PGY-1 salary $57,967.29 Gross annual PGY-2 salary $64,088.23
Gross annual PGY-3 salary $69,032.97 Gross annual PGY-4 salary $74,205.21
Gross annual PGY-5 salary $79,523.73 Gross annual PGY-6 salary $84,042.16
Gross annual PGY-7 salary $87,268.84 Gross annual PGY-8 salary $92,075.63
Professional leave 7 working days/year

Additional time off provided for writing any CND or US certification exam, Leave includes the exam date and reasonable travel time to and from the exam site.

Annual vacation 4 weeks
Meal allowance NO Frequency of call 1 in 4 In-hospital, 1 in 3 home
Pregnancy leave 17 weeks Provincial health insurance Yes
Parental leave 35 weeks

37 weeks if resident did not take pregnancy leave

Extended health insurance Yes
Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan Top-up to 84%

27 weeks for women who take pregnancy and parental leave; 12 weeks for parents on stand-alone parental leave.

Provincial dues (% of salary) 1.3% Dental plan 85% paid for eligible expenses
CMPA dues paid Under current arrangements, residents are rebated by Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for dues in excess of $300. Long-term disability insurance Yes – 70% of salary, non-taxable.
Statutory and floating holidays 10 stat days plus 1 personal floater.

Residents are entitled to at least 5 consecutive days off over the Christmas or New Year period, which accounts for 3 statutory holidays (Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day),  and 2 weekend days.

Life insurance Yes. 2 x salary
Salary and Benefit Continuance A resident that can’t work due to illness or injury will have salary and benefits maintained for 6 months or until end of appointment (whichever occurs first)
Call Stipend $116 in-hospital;
$58 home call or qualifying shift on shift-based services.

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