Applicants preparing a bilingual application can request translation of eligible documents from French to English or English to French through the CaRMS Online platform. Eligible documents include medical school transcripts, Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR) and reference documents. To be able to make a translation request, the document must have been uploaded into your CaRMS Online account.

Once eligible documents are within your CaRMS Online account, you will be able to request translation. To make a request, log into your CaRMS Online account and select “Translation Request” in the MY DOCUMENTS menu. All eligible documents will be listed on this page. If you do not see a document, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Check the box in the column next to the document title to select it. Press the button at the bottom of the page to submit your request. CaRMS will then forward documents to Société Gamma, the certified translation agency we have contracted for this purpose. Please note that once submitted, translation requests cannot be cancelled.

All translation request submitted through CaRMS Online before the Translation Request Deadline are guaranteed to be completed and uploaded into the applicant’s account before the beginning of file review. We cannot provide details concerning how long it will take for a translation to be complete. For more information, consult the match timelines and our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Once completed, translated documents will be uploaded to your account in CaRMS Online, at which point payment will be requested. The presence of the translated document in your account will be noted on your translation request and document tracking pages. Original copies of reference materials will be attached to any translated copies in your application for reference purposes during file review.

If you have any questions concerning the translation service, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at