If I withdraw from the match, go unmatched or match in another country, can I get a refund?

CaRMS is a not-for-profit, fee-for-service organization. As such, all fees for registration and application, including those received from applicants who later withdraw or go unmatched, are non-refundable.

Can I make changes to my application after file review begins?

Once file review has begun, no program applications can be unsubmitted for changes or withdrawn; however, you can add notes to your application and assign additional documents.

The program description has changed or is not updated, when will CaRMS fix this?

Program descriptions are provided to CaRMS by participating postgraduate institutions and all content is at the program’s discretion. CaRMS is not responsible for the content provided and does not verify its accuracy or timeliness. If you have any questions about the content in this section, please contact the program directly for more information.

I am also applying in the US through the National Resident Matching Process (NRMP), do I need to notify CaRMS?

If you are participating in the NRMP match in addition to the CaRMS match, you must notify CaRMS through your online application prior to the rank order list deadline. If you fail to notify CaRMS of your participation in the NRMP match, you can be removed from the CaRMS match and your match results voided.

What if I decide I do not want to participate in the match this year?

You can withdraw from individual programs or the whole match any time prior to file review. After file review begins, you can only withdraw from the whole match. If you decide not to participate, do not submit a rank order list. If you do not submit a rank order list, you have no chances of matching.

I forgot to submit my rank order list or would really like to make a change but the deadline has passed. What do I do?

The rank order list deadline is the only deadline in the CaRMS match. CaRMS will not modify a submitted rank order list or, if you miss the deadline, submit a rank order list on your behalf.

I missed the rank order list deadline. What do I do?

If you miss the rank order list deadline in the first iteration, you must apply in the second iteration (if applicable), participate in the post-match process (if applicable) or wait and apply in the first iteration of the match in the following year.

I matched but I could not get an educational license by my start date. Can CaRMS hold my position?

It is at the institutions discretion if they wish to extend or hold your position. Failure to meet the criteria for the appropriate licensure by the start of the residency program results in the automatic release from the residency program and void of the match contract.

I matched, but have changed my mind about that program. How do I terminate my contract?

When you list a residency program on your submitted rank order list and a match ensues, you are legally bound to accept the position and begin training. If you do not, your match is considered breached and will be brought to the CaRMS violations review committee and a penalty applied. Please review the violation review policy for more information. If you cannot begin training due to hardship, a program may release you from a match at their discretion should they deem it appropriate.