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CaRMS Online webinars for applicants and programs

CaRMS Online webinars for applicants and programs

Want to learn more about the CaRMS Online application system?

CaRMS Online webinars are offered throughout the match year and are designed to provide applicants, as well as program directors and administrators with a solid introduction to our online application system and how it works. Webinars are hosted on Cisco WebEx, a web conferencing tool that enables participants to ask CaRMS staff questions throughout the presentation.

Each of our online, interactive webinars covers a specific function within the application and match process. Applicants can receive step-by-step instructions on how to log into CaRMS Online, apply to programs and submit their rank order list. Webinar topics for programs include logging into CaRMS Online and updating program descriptions, designating file reviewers, reviewing applications during file review, submitting a rank order list and accessing match results.

Registered users will receive an email with details on how to participate in each webinar. Webinar tutorials are open to users involved in any of our residency matches.

Can’t participate in one of our scheduled webinars? Don’t worry – both applicant and program users can access recordings of past webinars on our website. Click here to access recorded webinars.