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CEO overview of the R-1 match

By: Sandra Banner, Executive Director and CEO 

As my final blog post during my tenure as CaRMS’ Executive Director and CEO, I am pleased to focus on the heart of CaRMS’ business: the match. Looking back, I am proud to provide an overview on what has been a very successful 2015 R-1 Main Residency Match (R-1 match) cycle.

This year, a record number of graduating students and physicians matched to training programs across Canada. In total, 2,801 Canadian medical graduates (CMGs) were matched, representing 96 per cent of CMGs participating in the match. And of those who matched, the majority (84 per cent) were accepted into one of their top three choices of residency programs, both by discipline and location. The number of current year CMGs unmatched at the end of the second iteration has fallen to 39 this year, from a high of 55 in 2014.

Interest in Family Medicine continued to grow in this year’s match. Over 38.5 per cent of our graduates chose a career in Family Medicine—representing a twenty-two year high for the discipline.

Behind the scenes, the hardworking CaRMS team managed more than 114,000 applications generated by over 5,000 applicants. These applications, along with their supporting documentation, were distributed to more than 800 program sites across the country.

An infographic containing more highlights from the 2015 R-1 match can be found on our website.