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Important changes to our document policies

Important changes to our document policies

Starting in the 2017 match year, CaRMS will no longer accept hardcopy documents from applicants. This change reflects both our commitment to simplifying the application process and our continuing goal of “greening” our processes.

The CaRMS Online application platform allows applicants to upload all required documents directly into their online application, eliminating the need to send hardcopy documents to CaRMS. In fact, most applicants already submit the majority of their documents this way. Not only does our move away from hardcopy applicant documents reduce our resource needs and storage requirements, it also saves applicants time and stress by giving them more control over their documents.

CaRMS will continue to accept hardcopy documents from medical schools, testing centres and referees on behalf of applicants. Examples of hardcopy documents we accept from these third parties include medical school performance records (MSPRs), transcripts, letters of reference and examination results (IMG applicants only).

For more information, please consult the document submission information and document-related FAQs on

If you have any questions, contact the CaRMS help desk at or 1.877.227.6742.