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Meeting face-to-face with CaRMS on campus

By: Ryan Kelly, Manager, Client Relations

Did you know that we visit each of Canada’s 17 medical schools on an annual basis?

We love meeting with programs and future match applicants to share information and answer questions about the application and match process. What matters to you, matters to us and meeting face-to-face is just one way we make sure that we are getting you the information you need to successfully navigate the match process.

Right now, we are about halfway through our 2016 school visits.

We have three main goals for our CaRMS on campus presentations: to explain CaRMS’ role in the match process, to discuss how the match works and how applicants can prepare, and finally, to answer questions and provide insight into the process. Not only do we get to share our knowledge about the match process, we learn a lot from our visits too!

What have we learned so far? Well, first and foremost we have re-confirmed that Canadian health care is in excellent hands. We are always so impressed with the level of curiosity and investigation the medical students have in the process – two key characteristics of any great doctor. In our discussions with medical school faculty, we have also learned that the support made available to the medical students in Canada by their respective undergraduate-medical and student affairs offices is second to none.

The dialogue we have been having has been outstanding and a lot of great ideas have been generated. The presentation is a service we provide the schools and their students, but the experiences are just as valuable to our team as we hope they are to the medical education community.

Most of the presentations are recorded for future use by medical schools. If you ever have questions about the presentation or the match process, feel free to call, email, tweet or post your questions to our Facebook page – we are more than happy to help.

Visit our CaRMS on campus page to view our full 2016 schedule. Students currently enrolled at the medical school where the presentation is taking place are welcome to attend.

And, as always, if you have any questions about the match or application process, feel free to contact the CaRMS help desk at or 1.877.227.6742.