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Your CaRMS contract: What you need to know before starting your residency training

By: Ashley McKiver, Manager, Compliance and Operational Services

As a new cohort of medical residents commence their training in July, it’s a good time to revisit a couple of important points for applicants who matched in the 2016 R-1 Main Residency Match this past spring.

First, remember that contract you agreed to at the beginning of the application process? It’s binding. The CaRMS contract is an important part of the match process. It explains what is expected of applicants and programs participating in the match, and it lays out the consequences if either party doesn’t abide by the contract.

When you submit a rank order list (ROL), you are legally bound to accept the position to which you are matched. That’s why it’s important that you only rank programs where you would be willing to train and do not rank any programs where you wouldn’t be willing to train. This concept also applies to programs ranking applicants.

As is the case with any legal contract, there are consequences if either party does not abide by the CaRMS contract. These consequences are outlined in the match violations policy. The match violation process is managed by the CaRMS violations review committee, and the policy details the strict sanctions that can be applied to both applicants and programs who are found in violation.

Make sure you carefully read your CaRMS contract and CaRMS policies to ensure you are well informed. A match violation becomes a permanent part of your professional history.

In addition to abiding your CaRMS contract, when you match to a program it is your responsibility to inform the postgraduate office at your matched faculty if you require any accommodation(s) before you begin your residency training program on July 1, 2016. Examples of accommodations include alternate formats for communication material and technical aid/assistive devices.

If you have any questions about your CaRMS contract, consult Residency Link: CaRMS matches are legally binding or contact the CaRMS help desk at or 1.877.227.6742.

If you have any questions or concerns about accommodation requests, contact the postgraduate office at your matched faculty.