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R-1 match reports dating to 1972

R-1 match reports dating to 1972

CaRMS publishes detailed reports on each of our matches on an annual basis and holds national aggregate statistics on medical education in Canada. We also support the Canadian medical education system through regular research collaborations with universities and other medical and governmental organizations.

We are committed to enabling the identification of trends and facilitating the sharing of data. We provide the medical education community with the information necessary to make informed decisions about pre- and postgraduate medical education in Canada.

R-1 Main Residency Match (R-1 match) reports provide important information to faculties of medicine and applicants on match trends and results, as well as results from previous years’ matches. We have expanded the data available on to include R-1 match reports dating back to 1972.

We hope the addition of historical R-1 match reports will continue to enable the identification of trends and facilitate the sharing of data in the medical education community.