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Sharing important information with international medical graduates

Sharing important information with international medical graduates

The 2015 IMG Symposium, an annual event that provides international medical graduates (IMGs) with important information about the pathways to practise medicine in Canada, was cancelled last fall due to lower than expected registration numbers.

Since the first IMG Symposium was held in 2008, there has been a significant increase in both the volume and quality of information and help resources available to IMGs from trusted national, provincial and territorial organizations about practising medicine in Canada.

CaRMS and its IMG Symposium partner organizations have consolidated a wide range of relevant information and resources available throughout the medical education community on our website. In addition to this resource listing, CaRMS will continue to work with its partners to facilitate the sharing of important information for IMGs.

To access helpful resources on practising medicine in Canada, visit the IMG Symposium page on our website,