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Translation services are now available for CaRMS’ subspecialty matches

Translation services are now available for CaRMS’ subspecialty matches

We’re pleased to announce that we are expanding our translation services to our subspecialty matches, beginning with the 2016 Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine Match and Medicine Subspecialty Match, and the 2017 Pediatric Subspecialty Match. Launched in the 2013 match year, this service was previously only offered for the R-1 Main Residency Match.

Going forward, applicants preparing a bilingual application in any of our four residency matches will be able to request English-to-French and French-to-English translation of select document types. Eligible documents include medical school transcripts, medical school performance records (MSPRs) and reference materials. Translation requests are administered through the CaRMS Online platform. CaRMS uses a certified third party translation agency for this service. Payment will be requested after translation is complete and once a translation request has been made, it cannot be cancelled.

In addition to this service expansion, we’ve also made an update to streamline our translation processes and procedures: documents must now be in place within applicants’ CaRMS Online accounts before translation can be requested.

You can learn more about CaRMS’ translation services, including information on our processes, timelines and fees on our website.