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Turning user feedback into a better CaRMS Online experience

By: Norman Kruse, Manager, IT and Software Development

The CaRMS team is committed to enhancing the CaRMS Online user experience, using the data and feedback we receive from our clients to guide the development of the system’s functionality, processes and features.

The requests and recommendations we get from individual programs and applicants are as varied as our clients themselves, so we focus on making the improvements and adjustments that provide the most real value to the widest range of our users and make a real difference to the quality of their CaRMS Online experience.

Here’s a look at some of the recent enhancements we’ve made.


  • Mass document assignment: Applicants can save time by assigning documents to multiple programs at once, eliminating the need to assign all documents individually to all programs.
  • Online document submission: The CaRMS Online application platform allows applicants to upload all required documents directly into their online application, saving applicants time and stress by giving them more control over their documents. CaRMS no longer accepts hardcopy documents from applicants.
  • Document return requests: When an applicant requests document return through CaRMS Online, they will now receive an automatic notification if their account does not contain any documents eligible for return.


  • Letter of reference due dates: In an effort to facilitate the letter of reference process for referees, we’ve added due dates to the reference request coversheet. Now, referees know at a glance when they must submit letters of reference for applicants.

Program and postgraduate office users

  • Master program descriptions: Postgraduate office users can push out updates to their return of service, citizenship and language proficiency requirements to multiple programs at once. Not only does this save our postgraduate office clients time and energy, it also helps ensures consistency across related program descriptions.

File reviewers and interviewers

  • File review view: An enhanced view allows file reviewers and interviewers to easily distinguish between postgraduate training and broad-based internships.
  • Filters: New filter functionality allows for easier identification and sorting of applicants.
  • Reports: The enhanced display and organization of reports help facilitate the file review process.

As we continue planning and developing for the next phase of CaRMS Online enhancements, we remain committed to reporting back with regular progress updates on changes you can expect to see within CaRMS Online.