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Update: Migration of subspecialty matches to CaRMS Online

Update: Migration of subspecialty matches to CaRMS Online

CaRMS remains committed to providing our applicants and stakeholders with a single platform for all of our matches; however, it has been determined that in the short-term the subspecialty matches will proceed unchanged for the 2014-2015 match year, without moving to a new platform.

A variety of factors contributed to this decision, including:

  • Feedback from active users that has been the catalyst for additional user interface improvements and new functionality being added to CaRMS Online;
  • Recommendations from our IT department for additional time to properly implement our quality assurance and testing plans to facilitate a seamless transition from a technical perspective; and
  • The opportunity to develop additional training materials to assist new users in acclimating to the new system.

With this in mind, we are updating our roadmap with a revised set of target dates for the transition of all three subspecialty matches to CaRMS Online. These dates will be provided to our stakeholders well in advance of the 2016 Pediatric Subspecialty Match, the first potential subspecialty match to be conducted using CaRMS Online.

If you have any questions regarding the future migration of the subspecialty matches to CaRMS Online, please contact