Violation review

Policies and procedures for reporting and investigating breaches of CaRMS contracts

Match violations

CaRMS seeks to protect the integrity of the matching process by requiring all match participants to behave in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.



CaRMS requires applicants and institutions participating in a match to enter into a CaRMS contract. CaRMS will investigate and take steps to resolve all alleged violations of such contracts, including but not limited to:

  • Failure to comply
  • Failure to provide complete, timely, and accurate information
  • Submission of altered, falsified or fraudulent information or documentation
  • Attempts to violate eligibility requirements, application activities, or the matching process itself
  • Failure to protect the privacy of participants or their match information/documentation
  • Failure to abide by the CaRMS match timelines
  • Failure to offer or accept appointments as required by the results of a match
  • Failure to act in a professional or ethical manner
  • Any other irregular behavior or activities that occur in connection with the match process


This policy applies to all CaRMS match participants.


Reporting procedures

Any person, including but not limited to applicants, program directors, postgraduate and undergraduate deans of medicine, and institutional officials may report suspected violations to CaRMS.

To report a suspected violation, contact CaRMS at:

CaRMS Violations Review Committee
171 Nepean Street, Suite 300
Ottawa, ON
K2P 0B4

No investigation will be initiated until CaRMS has received written notification of the suspected violation. Notifications must include, but are not limited to:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The named applicant or institution
  • Your affiliation to the applicant or institution named
  • Details outlining the suspected violation

Any request for anonymity will generally not be granted, except in the most exceptional circumstances.

CaRMS will acknowledge receipt of notifications within seven business days. CaRMS will make an effort to investigate the allegation(s) in a timely manner while ensuring accuracy and completeness of the process.

CaRMS is authorized to contact other individuals/institutions/organizations in the course of acquiring information about the suspected violation.

Review process

The CaRMS violations review process operates as follows:

Step one: A suspected violation is reported to the CaRMS Violations Review Committee (the Committee).

Step two: An acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the complainant within seven business days.

Step three: Notification letters are prepared and all parties identified as relevant to the suspected violation are requested to provide the Committee with their version of the incident in writing, and if necessary, their response to the allegations. Relevant supporting information, documentation and facts, are to be provided within 14 business days from the date of the request. Should responses not be received within 14 business days, the process may continue without the requested representations.

Step four: A preliminary report is prepared as soon as practicable, documenting the nature of the allegation and the results of the investigation. Copies of the preliminary report are distributed to all relevant parties.

Should the results of the investigation indicate that a violation has not occurred, the matter will be closed at this stage, with notification to all relevant parties.

If the investigation is not concluded, the named person/institution and relevant parties will be given 14 business days to respond to the preliminary report.

The Committee maintains the discretion to remove an alleged violator from the match before issuance of the final report where the Committee believes it has credible evidence that a violation of the applicable CaRMS contract has occurred.

Step five: The Committee will review and issue a final report outlining its decision and, if applicable, the sanction.

Violation sanctions

If allegations of a violation are confirmed, the Committee may issue a sanction, which may include but is not limited to:

  • A remedial caution
  • Withdrawal from the current match
  • Suspension or termination of access to CaRMS Online
  • Exclusion from entry to subsequent CaRMS matches for up to three years
  • Such other action as the Committee considers just and appropriate in the circumstances, including permanent exclusion from future CaRMS matches


Appeals of the final report and sanction can be made to the CaRMS Board of Directors. A decision of the Board will be a final decision.

Reporting of violations

The Committee must provide a copy of its final report to the alleged violator and has discretion regarding which additional parties to whom the final report will be delivered.  Other relevant parties may include, but are not limited to:

  • The Canadian faculties of medicine
  • The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada
  • The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • The College of Family Physicians of Canada
  • The provincial and territorial medical regulatory authorities
  • The Canadian Federation of Medical Students
  • Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec
  • The Resident Doctors of Canada
  • Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec
  • The Medical Council of Canada
  • The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  • The Electronic Residency Application Service
  • The National Resident Matching Program
  • Law enforcement