Interview schedule

Individual programs make all the decisions about who and when they interview. Program office personnel arrange interviews directly with applicants and it is entirely up to programs to decide who they want to invite for an interview. If you are invited for an interview, your invitation will come directly from the program. Invitations to interviews are not tracked or recorded in any way by CaRMS. Interview invitations will most likely be sent by email, so make sure your inbox is set-up to receive bulk messages.

CaRMS works closely with programs to collect, verify and post interview dates in our centralized interview calendar. All interview dates posted in the match interview calendar have been verified directly with the programs and we make every effort to provide the most up to date information.

Updated May 3, 2017

October 20 Memorial University
October 23 Dalhousie University
October 24 McGill University
October 25 Université de Montréal
October 26 Université Laval
October 27 Western University
October 30 Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Sudbury)
October 31 McMaster University
November 1 University of Toronto
November 2 University of Ottawa
November 3 Queen’s University
November 6 Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Thunder Bay)
November 7 Université de Sherbrooke
November 8 University of Manitoba
November 13 University of Alberta
November 14 University of Calgary
November 15 University of British Columbia
November 16 University of Saskatchewan (Regina)
November 17 University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)