Western University, Regional Program

College of Family Physicians of Canada
Emergency Medicine Residency Program CFPC(EM) – Regional Program

This program is twinned with Western University’s Urban CFPC(EM) program

Program Contact Quota (approx): 3
Christine Richardson
Program Director, MD, CCFP(EM)Division of Emergency Medicine
Department of Family Medicine
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Western University
LHSC – VH, E1-102, 800 Commissioners Rd E
London, Ontario N6A 4G5
Phone: (519) 667-6538
Fax: (519) 667-6769
E-mail: cricha27@uwo.ca

Susan Pierson
Program Assistant

E-mail: Susan.Pierson@lhsc.on.ca
Website: www.emerglondon.ca

Note: All candidates interested in the University of Western Emergency Medicine Residency program are encouraged to apply to both the Urban and Rural Streams, as well as the Return of Service Stream if they choose. All applicants will be interviewed simultaneously.

Supporting Documents

  1. Reference LettersThree references are required. Of the reference letters, one letter must be from your primary Family Medicine preceptor and at least one letter must be from an Emergency Physician.Click here to access the “Referee assessment form”
  2. Assessment by Program DirectorOne letter from your family medicine program director which must be accompanied by the “Family Medicine Program Director’s Assessment of Applicant”.Click here to access the “Family medicine program / site director’s assessment of applicant form”
  3. Personal LetterYour personal letter should describe yourself and your career interest (2 pages maximum).
  4. Personal Curriculum Vitae
  5. Eligibility

Proof of citizenship must accompany your application. Any one of the following is acceptable:

  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by an authority in Canada with any photo ID, or
  • Photocopy of Canadian Passport, or
  • Photocopy of Canadian citizenship certificate, Record of Landing; or
  • Photocopy of Permanent Resident Card/Canadian Citizen Card.

Please click here to check the Western University match criteria for complete eligibility information.

Review Process

Applications submitted after File Review has opened:

– will be considered

References and other supporting documents which arrive after File Review has opened:

– will be considered


Date of Interview:  November 26, 2014

Invitation/ Notification Information:

Applicants will be notified by email and/or telephone if they are invited for an interview.

Details regarding Interview:

The interviews will be held at LHSC – Victoria Hospital. Time of each interview will be scheduled closer to the date.   Interviewees will have the opportunity to walk through the Emergency Department and speak directly with several current residents of the CCFP/EM program.

Selection criteria is based on a strong academic record, proven commitment to emergency medicine, leadership, and well roundedness.

Program Information


Western University’s Division of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Family Medicine offer one year of specialty training in Emergency Medicine through its CCFP(EM) Residency training program.  Upon successful completion of our dynamic, well structured, and faculty-supported year, the candidate will be eligible to write the examination for Special Competency in Emergency Medicine and gain their CCFP(EM) certification.  We strive to foster leaders in Emergency Medicine and Community Medicine with exposure to pre-hospital, administrative and academic Emergency Medicine.


The year is comprised of 13 x four week blocks as follows:

4 blocks –  Adult Emergency Medicine

3 blocks at a SWOMEN site, 1 block LHSC

1 block  –  Pediatric Emergency Medicine

1 block  –  Pediatric ICU or Pediatric Emergency Medicine

2 blocks –  ICU/CCTC (Critical Care Trauma Centre)

1 block –   CCU (Cardiac Care Unit)

1 block –   HULC (Hand and Upper Limb Clinic – plastic and orthopedic surgery)

1 block –   Ortho Hybrid (EM based orthopedics/trauma and Sports Medicine clinic)

1 block –   Emergency Medicine/ Ultrasound Skills

1 block –   Elective

Regional affiliated hospitals:

Chatham – Dr. David Huffman

Owen Sound – Dr. Don Eby

St Thomas – Dr. Geoff Mills

Sarnia – Dr. Jim Grochowski

Stratford – Dr. Miriam Mann

Strathroy – Dr. Daniel Grushka

Windsor – Dr. Tony Meriano

Woodstock – Dr. Elizabeth Urbantke

The Elective month is meant meet your learning needs and interests, upon approval.  Some opportunities in past years include a month of Toxicology in New York, Trauma, additional Emergency Medicine

** The educational objectives and further information on the CCFP/EM program please see our website at www.emlondon.ca

General Curriculum Overview

Thursday mornings are protected academic time throughout the year. The first several months into the program begins with “summer school” which is are combined practical hands-on sessions with the FRCP residents on various topics such as use of monitors, casting, lines, and nerve blocks.  September onwards residents are expected to attend each Thursday morning Chief Rounds (radiology cases, EKG’s), Grand Rounds  and Core Content teaching sessions.  On Thursday of every month is an expanded day to include afternoon “Tintinalli Rounds” with several experienced ER staff moderating pertinent topics and “SimMan” simulation teaching of ACLS/ acute presentations/ procedural skills.

It is our aim to ensure all residents are IP certified by the end of the year in point of care ultrasound.  Western is a leader in ultrasound with most staff physicians certified and we offer a robust program to support, teach and offer ongoing quality assurance to residents.  A day-long introductory ER ultrasound course (EDE) is offered by dedicated staff, including financial support for supervision and testing.

Acknowledging the extension of our program from Family Medicine, we promote connectivity during the year whereby several Emergency based teaching sessions are conducted by our residents to 1-2nd year Family Medicine residents.  The opportunity does exist to have a regular half-day back throughout the year to work in the Family Practice Unit.

The program provides each resident an enhanced Airway Course, APLS or PALS, and the guiding textbook Tintinalli.

Two EMS rideouts will be performed during the year to gain exposure to pre-hospital care.

Our Mentorship program will place a motivated staff physician with each incoming resident for role modeling, support, and act as a sounding board for any work/personal/career issues that may arise during the busy year.

ACLS and ATLS are mandatory before beginning your EM year.


Each year the incoming EM residents will be responsible for the design and implementation of a CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) project. The project will take the form of a chart audit pertaining to various topics of interest in emergency medicine. Examples may include: 1) time from presentation to delivery of thrombolytic agents for acute ST elevation myocardial infarction, 2) time from presentation to the delivery of antibiotics in the patient presenting with sepsis, and 3) choice of outpatient intravenous antibiotics in patients with cellulitis. The resident will design the question, review applicable charts and synthesize data, and deliver the information in a poster or oral presentation format. This will help to illustrate and support CQI as an ongoing necessity for the practicing academic emergency physician.  Throughout the project guidance is provided by a dedicated research mentor for each resident and our invaluable research coordinator.

The expectation is to provide either a presentation or poster at our combined annual Emergency Medicine Resident Research Day with the FRCP residents in April and  to present at the annual Family Medicine Research Day in June.

Resident Evaluation

Residents will be evaluated and provided with formative feedback on all rotations.  More specifically, during your emergency medicine rotations, every shift will be evaluated and a summative report will be filed and reviewed by the program director.

In preparation for the CCFP/EM exam, formal sessions will be conducted by staff in the form of MOCK Orals and Written exams throughout the year, including constructive tips and feedback.

Further Information

For further information please contact the Program Director at the address, email, or telephone numbers listed above.