AFMC motion

Since Canadian medical schools are the principal source of the physician workforce for Canada

Be it resolved by the AFMC Board of Directors:

  • That all graduates of Canadian medical schools be assured access to a residency position in Canada to complete training necessary to enter practice,
  • That access to postgraduate training organized by the Residency Match in Canada be through a defined and transparent process for eligible graduates of LCME/CACMS accredited medical schools and also for eligible graduates of international medical schools,
  • That these processes must be defined by July 1 of the calendar year to ensure proper implementation can occur,
  • That we affirm that eligibility for a postgraduate training program is determined by each Canadian medical school,
  • That participation in the first iteration of the Canadian Residency Match be restricted to eligible graduates of LCME/CACMS accredited schools or international medical schools, who have had no previous RCPSC/CFPC/ACGME accredited postgraduate training.

Approved by AFMC Board, May 2nd, 2006.
London, Ontario