All 2022 CaRMS subspecialty match interviews will be in a virtual format, including those for local candidates, as per the decision of the AFMC Board of Directors.

Interviews are a program’s opportunity to meet applicants and assess their skills and suitability. They are also a great chance for applicants to learn more about programs.

It is entirely up to programs to decide which applicants they want to interview. Once the decision is made, they will notify applicants of their interview offer status through CaRMS Online and issue interview invitations to applicants directly.

CaRMS posts the dates programs will hold interviews in an interview schedule in CaRMS Online. We do this to help prevent conflicts between faculties. If applicants are invited to more than one interview and the dates conflict, they may contact programs directly to make alternate arrangements.

Who does what in the interview process


  • Collect and publish interview dates in CaRMS Online
  • Provide amelioration in the case of concerns about an interview
  • Facilitate equal opportunity employment by masking applicant photos until the interview process begins

Faculties of medicine:

  • Provide CaRMS with interview dates
  • Decide which applicants to interview
  • Notify applicants of their interview offer status through CaRMS Online
  • Coordinate interviews directly with applicants
  • Conduct interviews

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