Eligible documents include medical school performance records (MSPRs) and all reference documents. We do not offer translation of other document types, nor do we offer translation of documents in any other language combinations.

CaRMS has contracted UBIQUS Canada Inc. and ITC Translations, both third party certified translation agencies, for the translation of your documents.


Once you have registered and logged into your CaRMS Online account, you must identify yourself as a bilingual applicant to be able to submit a request to translate a document.

Once eligible documents have been uploaded into your CaRMS Online account, you will be able to request translation.

Once completed, translated documents will be uploaded to your CaRMS Online account and you will be able to view them within your account.

Quality assurance

CaRMS has worked closely with both the translation service providers (UBIQUS/ITC Translations), the Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ), as well as Québec faculties of medicine, to develop a approved terminology guide and comprehensive quality assurance processes.

Although both translation service providers have quality assurance processes in place, we encourage all applicants to review their translated MSPR, as would occur with any other direct relationship between a client and a translation service.

As reference documents are confidential, applicants are unable to review their translated reference documents. In addition to the quality assurance process implemented by both the translation agencies, the original non-translated reference documents are automatically attached to the translated version within the same document and visible to file reviewers for reference purposes.


Translation requests are subject to a flat fee per document type, based on average document length. Please visit our fees page for a complete breakdown of translation fees.

If you have any questions concerning the translation service, please visit our help center.

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