To participate in the Pediatric Subspecialty Match (PSM), you must be a Canadian citizen or hold a valid Canadian permanent resident card. You will also be required to enter your Medical Identification Number for Canada (MINC) in your application.

Provincial criteria

Each province has criteria that must be met by applicants applying for positions within that province. Eligibility requirements differ from province to province, so you should carefully review the criteria when preparing to apply to programs.

Eligibility criteria is updated shortly before the opening of each match.

As a result of the changes to the Pediatric Subspecialty Match (PSM), there are two consecutive PSM matches in this year’s match cycle. For more information regarding the change, visit our Help Centre and review the Memorandum of Change to the CaRMS Pediatric Subspeciality Match.

Important notice

As an outcome of Competence by Design (CBD) implementation in general Pediatrics training programs, beginning with this year’s 2024 Pediatric Subspecialty Match (PSM), pediatric residents must now do four years of residency training prior to starting their pediatric subspecialty in all provinces except Quebec.  

Residents currently in Quebec pediatric training programs will have the choice to start Quebec subspecialty training programs after three years of training, or in other provinces after four years of training.   

To accommodate this change, there will be two consecutive PSM matches in this year’s match cycle: 

  • 2024 PSM: takes place in the fall of 2023 with a July 2024 start date; and  
  • • 2025 PSM: will begin shortly after the 2024 PSM concludes in November, with a start date of July 2024 or July 2025 for Quebec, and a start date of July 2025 for all other provinces.

Eligibility criteria for both the 2024 and 2025 PSM cycles for all provinces will be posted on in June 2023.

For more information about this change, please consult the memorandum from the specialty committee in Pediatrics.   

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