A program description is an essential component of the application process. It’s how you communicate your program’s application requirements, selection criteria and curriculum to prospective applicants. If there is something you want applicants to know, no matter how mundane (or seemingly intuitive), it should be included in your program description.

Program descriptions are updated directly through your CaRMS Online account. They generally include the name of the program director and program administrator (or chosen point of contact), program site address(es) and contact information, as well as the sections below.

Supporting documentation

  • Include all documents required by your program.

Special instructions

  • Include any special instructions or important information, such as essential aspects of the application and updates or changes to your program’s eligibility criteria.

General instructions

  • Include general information pertinent to your program (e.g., scheduling, training sites, etc.).

Review process

  • Include information on exactly what your program is looking for in an application. Be as specific as possible.
  • Inform applicants whether your program will consider applications and/or documents submitted after the file review period has begun.


  • Include information about the interview process, including interview dates. Interviews are arranged between applicants and personnel in the program office; CaRMS is not involved in this process.

Selection criteria

  • Include information about the qualifications applicants should possess to be considered for this program.

Program highlights

  • Include any points you wish to draw attention to in relation to your program, university, or location. Listing both academic and non-academic highlights can give applicants a better sense of what they can expect if they are matched to your program.

Program curriculum

  • Include specific training residents will receive in this section. Please include thorough descriptions of each year, including all rotations, lengths of rotations, training sites(s) and allotted vacation time. Brief descriptions of rotations are suggested if the training has any unique aspects.

Training sites

  • Include general information about where residents will be training.

Additional information

  • Include any supplementary information that is not included in other sections.

For step-by-step instructions on how to update these sections in your CaRMS Online account, visit our Help Centre.

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