Before the match opens, you will be asked to submit a list of the students at your faculty who are eligible to participate in the R-1 match. Once the match opens, these students will receive a confirmation email containing everything they need to log into CaRMS Online and begin building their application.

The application itself consists of two key elements: information applicants enter directly into CaRMS Online that goes to all programs they apply to, and supporting documents they assign to specific programs.

Information entered directly into CaRMS Online

The information applicants enter directly into CaRMS Online is similar to what would be included in a C.V. This part of the application captures the applicant’s education and experience and presents these details in a uniform, standardized format. As an undergraduate office, you can request access to a demo version of the application to better guide students through this process.

Supporting documents

There are several documents that make up a residency application. Not all documents are required for all programs, so applicants should always consult program descriptions and provincial criteria for specific requirements. Read below to find out more about supporting documents and how to submit them.

Document types

Read all about the documents that make up an application.

Document submission

Find out how to submit documents.

Translation service

Learn about CaRMS’ translation service.

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