The full video of our 2023 CaRMS Forum presentation is now live on our YouTube channel. Whether you couldn’t make it to the presentation or you just want to see it all again, we’ve got you covered. Watch as CaRMS CEO John Gallinger takes a deeper dive into the data from the 2023 match year with our audience.

CaRMS Forum extended data package now available!

We shared more than 50 slides of 2023 R-1 Match data in our CaRMS Forum presentation on May 4, 2023 – but that’s not the whole story. Our team has been working hard over the last couple of weeks to compile an extended data package with 42 new slides covering everything from discipline supply and demand, graduate mobility and application behaviour, to highlights from the enhanced skills and subspecialty matches.

Click the button below to see the extended CaRMS Forum data package – with new data beginning on slide 64.

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