One of CaRMS’ ongoing goals is to make the application and match process as easy as possible for our clients.

For the 2020 match cycle last year, CaRMS introduced new functionality into CaRMS Online to allow faculties to indicate whether applicants would receive an interview offer. For every application submitted, the applicant received an in-system notification from the program indicating if they had been selected for an interview. While official interview invitations were still extended directly from programs, these clear and unambiguous interview offer status notifications helped to eliminate applicants’ uncertainty as they waited to hear from programs.

Follow the links below to see the first year of interview offer data from the 2020 R-1, MSM and FM/EM* matches. When reviewing this data from the last match year, please keep in mind that it shows interview offers only—it does not reflect whether or not interviews took place.

*Renamed FM/ES in 2021 cycle

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