Electives can be an important part of a medical student’s R-1 match application, but until recently there hasn’t been any concrete data on electives patterns and how they relate to match outcomes and rankings.

As a result, students have a lot of questions about electives strategy. How many electives should you take? Do you need electives in a discipline to match to that discipline? Will programs rank you if you haven’t taken an elective at their school? How many disciplines should you take electives in? We can’t give you all the answers, but we can give you the data to help inform your decisions.

You can now access our new electives data on carms.ca. Seven interactive charts let you to click through six years of aggregate and discipline-specific data showing showing the number and nature of electives applicants reported taking, corelated with ranking and match outcomes.

This new data release is part of CaRMS’ ongoing commitment to leveraging our data to inform important decision making happening throughout the medical education community.

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