CaRMS is pleased to share the highlights of 2020 in our Annual Report

As we enter 2021, we’d like to take a moment to look back and celebrate our shared accomplishments over the last year in our 2020 Annual Report.

We began 2020 with a continued focus on bringing value to the medical education community, but in March we were faced with the challenges and uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought all of us. Our focus shifted to meet the changing needs of our clients and stakeholders and to sustain the match system through the duration of this pandemic.

What you will find in the pages of our Annual Report is what we consider to be the highlights of 2020, including some very clear demonstrations of the resiliency of the postgraduate medical community. We would not be able to accomplish all that we have without collaboration with our valued partners in medical education.

We are looking forward to continuing this important work in the year to come. As 2021 also marks 50th Anniversary of the Match, we invite you to celebrate this milestone with us as the year unfolds.

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