This report summarizes external (non-member organization) data requests CaRMS has received in 2023.

Request Requirement Summary
IMGs Match rates of IMGs in Quebec
Applicants Match rates of applicants with prior training/internships in Canada or US
Match data Number of applicants, positions, match rates by discipline
Applications Number of applications submitted
IMGs Number of IMGs in the match by medical school region
IMGs Matched and unmatched IMGs in 2nd iteration
Match data Application volume, first choices, match rates, gender data, home school versus away school, discipline data
Match data Match rates and movement of CMGs from medical school to residency school by discipline
Request Requirement Summary
IMGs Interview offers in Family Medicine
Gender Gender of applicants by discipline
Match rate Match rates of previous year graduates
Program choices CMGs matching to their top 3 programs
Discipline choices Applicants matching to their 1st choice and top 3 choices
IMGs IMG match rates to surgical disciplines
Request Requirement Summary
Applicants Region of residency school of applicants matched to cardiology
IMGs IMG match rates by medical school
Match rate Match rate of FM-ES match by specialty
USMGs USMG match rates by medical school
Rank choices Applicants matched to their top 3 choices in the MSM match
Gender Gender of matched IMGs
Applicants Applicants by home school or away school by region of medical school
Applicants Region of residency school for applicants matched in MSM match
Match data Match data for urology programs across Canada
Match data Applicants and quota by discipline in the MSM match
Match data Applicants and quota by discipline in the FM-ES match
Request Requirement Summary
IMGs Match rate of IMGs by medical school
Match data Plastic surgery data – quota, applicants, volume of applications, match rate, electives
Request Requirement Summary
Match data Quota, distinct applicants, application volume by discipline for Quebec programs
Supply/demand ratio Supply-demand ratios for 2023 match
Match rates Match rates by discipline
Applicants Match rate, distinct applicants, application volume, age, research experience, year of graduation of UK medical school applicants
Applicants Medical school/medical school region of applicants matched to UBC family medicine
Request Requirement Summary
Applicants Residency training region of applicants matched to clinical immunology.
Unfilled quota Unfilled quota in 2023 FM-ES match
Applications Application volume in pediatrics
IMGs Match rate of IMGs in surgical disciplines
IMGs IMGs matched to psychiatry programs by regions across Canada
Request Requirement Summary
Unfilled quota Programs with unfilled quota after 1st and 2nd iteration.
IMGs Dedicated IMG positions by program and discipline in R-1 match (2021- 2023 match years).
IMGs in family medicine IMGs matched to family medicine by program.
MSM Match data Data for MSM match – number of applicants by discipline, 1st choices by discipline, quota offered and filled.
Quota in Ontario Quota offered by discipline, program, and campus location in Ontario.
FM/ES Quota Quota offered and filled in FM/ES match by discipline and program.
Exam scores Average exam scores of applicants by discipline.
IMGs Proportion of residency positions filled by IMGs in each region.
Request Requirement Summary
Unfilled quota Unfilled general internal medicine positions unfilled after the match (MSM match).
Unfilled quota Unfilled quota in family medicine after 2nd iteration is complete in the 2023 R-1 match.
IMGs IMGs from Australia matched to a residency position in the R-1 match.
Positions offered Positions offered for IMGs.
Request Requirement Summary
Internal medicine data Data on internal medicine residency positions – quota, interviews, applicants, and matched to internal medicine.
Internal medicine Number of applicants applying and matched to internal medicine at University of Toronto versus national rates.
Request Requirement Summary
Emergency medicine data Number of emergency medicine positions offered and number of applications received.
Alberta medical students Data on medical students from Alberta: 1st choice discipline, province matched to, number of applicants choosing Alberta as their 1st choice location.
Request Requirement Summary
IMGs Average MCCQE1 scores of IMGs and match rates of IMGs
IMGs Match rate of IMGs
IMGs IMG medical school country, match rates.
Request Requirement Summary
IMGs Match rates for IMGs from UK schools by discipline.
IMGs IMG match rates by medical school region and discipline.
IMGs For IMGs from Cameroon, match rates to family medicine by region of residency school.
FM/ES Number of applicants to obstetrics surgical skills.

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