The rank order list period for the first iteration of the 2022 R-1 Main Residency Match has now begun. After you’ve completed your interviews, it’s time to determine your preference for the programs you’ve applied to, ranking them from most to least preferred.

Some important information to remember when ranking:

  • Rank all programs you are willing to train at in order of your preferred training site. Don’t get sidetracked in guessing how the programs will rank you.
  • Match results are binding! Do not rank any programs you’re not willing to train at.
  • Ranking based on your true preference is the best strategy. There are no shortcuts or formulas to follow to guarantee a certain match result.

We have plenty of resources that explain how the algorithm works, ranking strategy and best practices, and articles that answer match participant’s most frequently asked questions. Click the images below to find more information on ranking.

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