Part of the work we do at CaRMS is identifying trends, sharing data and providing the medical education community with the information necessary to make informed decisions about postgraduate medical education in Canada. We’re always looking for new ways to share this data with you, so we’re pleased to share a new resource we’ve created to house research reports on

This section will house in-depth data and analysis regarding specific aspects of the application, selection, and match process. The papers that will appear here could be prompted by questions we receive from clients and stakeholders, or from lines of inquiry identified by our in-house data services team.

Check out our first entry in this our research reports section below. We hope you find this content interesting, and we invite you to check back regularly for new additions.

Comparing the proportions of home and away CMG applicants: Interview offers and ranking

An analysis of differences in interview offers and program ranking behaviour for Canadian medical graduates (CMGs) applying for residency at the school where they did their medical studies (Home CMGsand CMGs applying for residency at schools where they did not do their medical studies (Away CMGs). 

Hungry for more data? Visit our data pages for detailed reports on each of our matches dating back to 1971, as well as insights from our annual CaRMS Forum presentation, a decade of aggregated applicant post-match survey responses, longitudinal application and quota trends, electives data and more.

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