Individual programs decide which applicants they want to interview. If you are invited for an interview, your invitation will come directly from the program – most likely by email. Programs will also notify you whether or not you have been selected for an interview on the Interview Offer Status page in your CaRMS Online account, so you’ll know if you should expect to receive an interview invitation by email.

CaRMS collects and posts the dates programs will hold interviews on an interview schedule you can access within CaRMS Online. We do this to help prevent conflicts between faculties for a single discipline (excluding Family Medicine). If you are invited to more than one interview and the dates conflict, you can contact the programs directly to make alternate arrangements.

While there is a set interview period for Canadian medical graduates outlined in the first iteration match timeline, interviews for international medical graduates can take place anytime between the opening of file review and the rank order list deadline.

During second iteration, there is no set interview period and interviews can take place anytime between the opening of file review and the rank order list deadline.

Who does what in the interview process


  • Collects and publishes interview dates in CaRMS Online
  • Provides amelioration in the case of concerns about an interview
  • Facilitates equal opportunity employment by masking applicant photos until the interview process begins

Faculties of medicine:

  • Provide CaRMS with interview dates
  • Decide which applicants to interview
  • Notify applicants of their interview offer status through CaRMS Online
  • Coordinate interviews directly with applicants
  • Conduct interviews

All 2023 R-1 match interviews will be in a virtual format, as per the decision of the AFMC Board of Directors.

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