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2024 Cycle Information

Criteria applicable for all medical graduates; for specific information, please see tabs.

Please note that the criteria on this page is from the 2024 match. Updated 2025 provincial criteria will be posted on this page in the upcoming months, once it has been reviewed by the province.


GENERAL INFORMATION The University of Manitoba Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine and Manitoba Health have agreed to the following policies for the R-1 match. It is important to note that individual programs may have specific criteria that are used to review applications. Applicants are responsible for reviewing program specific criteria, as well as the provincial criteria listed below, to ensure they meet all required eligibility criteria.

All matched applicants must be eligible for and maintain registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) on the educational register. Any delays in providing all required documentation to CPSM may result in delay in issuance of a certificate of registration and a delay in start of postgraduate training.


All matched applications must comply with the University of Manitoba and Shared Health COVID 19 Safety Vaccination requirements.



IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR USMGs – The CPSM establishes categories of registration and eligibility criteria for licensure after residency and CFPC/RCPSC certification. CPSM categories of registration and eligibility criteria can be reviewed at: https://cpsm.mb.ca/registration

Postgraduate Essential Skills and Abilities

Those candidates applying for residency must meet the essential skills and abilities associated with the Residency Program. The PGME Essential Skills and Abilities (Technical Standards) for Admission, Promotion or Graduation in the PGME Program, and Accommodation Policy outlines the required skills and technical standards that all candidates for admissions, promotion or graduation in the PGME Programs must meet to successfully achieve the required competencies necessary to practice their area of medicine in Canada.

LICENSING BODY All residents must meet the licensing criteria for registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) for postgraduate education. See the CPSM website for information.
MATCH STREAMS The second iteration of the CaRMS match will include two parallel streams:

  • Canadian Medical Graduates (CMG) Stream and
  • International Medical Graduate (IMG) Stream

each having designated positions.  Some programs with CMG Stream and IMG Stream positions unfilled after the first iteration will be blended into a single stream for the second iteration.

Candidates will need to review the program requirements to see if the program is a blended or non-blended stream for second iteration.

Residents in current PG positions can access the second iteration as a way of changing programs or specialties.

  • CMG Residents can only apply to unfilled CMG positions.
  • IMG Residents can only apply for unfilled IMG positions.

Please review the AFMC National Transfer Guidelines and the PGME Alternate Route of Entry to Residency Policy for more information.

RESTRICTIONS Previous Postgraduate Medical Education

International Medical Graduates with non-creditable postgraduate training are eligible for the first and second iteration.

CITIZENSHIP REQUIREMENTS See the Summary of citizenship requirements.
PROOF OF LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY See the Summary of language proficiency requirements.
MEDICAL COUNCIL OF CANADA EXAMS See the Summary of MCC examination requirements.


RETURN OF SERVICE (ROS) REQUIREMENTS Applicants matched to the Dermatology residency training program are required to sign a five (5) year return of service agreement.
MEDICAL EDUCATION See program descriptions for medical education requirements
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION All candidates accepted to all residency programs must attend the mandatory PGME orientation day on June 27, 2024


RETURN OF SERVICE (ROS) REQUIREMENTS All IMGs will be required to sign a return of service contract with Manitoba Health, in the specialty (including Family Medicine) in which they have completed residency training. The ROS commitment is commensurate with the length of the training program.

All IMGs entering a training program already holding a return of service obligation must disclose this obligation at the time of application. IMGs who have an undischarged return of service obligation may not be eligible to begin training in a position funded by Manitoba Health.

Such individuals may wish to contact Shared Health at pmao-residents@sharedhealthmb.ca for more information.

MEDICAL EDUCATION All IMGs need to have their documents verified through physiciansapply.ca 
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Pre-Residency Orientation Programs

IMG candidates accepted to residency programs are required to complete the mandatory two-week orientation program on June 27, 2024.

Further information about the mandatory IMG Orientation can be found on the University of Manitoba, International Medical Graduates-Orientation webpage

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