As the 2020 match cycle approaches, we are pleased to announce that incoming R-1 applicants will again benefit from reduced fees.

CaRMS was created to be an independent, fair and transparent facilitator of the medical residency application, selection and match process in Canada. In that role, we are committed to providing exceptional service and value to our clients, while ensuring we make the investments necessary to ensure the sustainability of the match well into the future.

For the third year in a row, we have reduced the R-1 match participation fee by two per cent—to $309.01 from $315.04.

This follows two per cent reductions in applicant and faculty fees for both the 2018 and 2019 matches, and a fee freeze introduced for 2017. Over the last two years we also increased the number of applications included in the participation fee from four to nine, in response to an upward trend in the average number of program applications submitted Canadian medical graduates.

These fee changes have been implemented by CaRMS’ Board of Directors, which comprises individuals nominated by member organizations that include learner groups, faculty, medical associations, educators and regulators. The changes are intended to reduce some of the financial burden faced by our clients and reflect our continuing commitment to value for money and financial stewardship.

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